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Dual power excavator

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Dual power excavator

The excavator is a dual power drive: a diesel engine and an electric motor. This machine is equipped with an advanced electronic monitoring system, so that you can understand the performance of the whole machine and make your operation and maintenance more convenient.

1 The system uses a 5-inch color dot matrix liquid crystal display (320*240), white backlight, wide temperature and wide viewing angle;

2 Simultaneously monitor the multi-channel switch quantity and analog quantity on the demolition machine, and display the corresponding results on the large screen LCD;

3 In the event of an abnormality, an audible and visual alarm can be generated in time, and a fault icon and a text prompt are displayed;

4 When the alarm is pressed, press the cancel button to stop the audible alarm, but when there is a new fault, the audible alarm will be automatically turned on; there is a system clock and can be adjusted;

5 With engine and motor working hour meter function, it can automatically record the total working time of the whole machine.

6 The hour meter setting can be entered by password.

7 The password will automatically change according to the change of the hourly meter. It will change every 10 hours. After the change, an SN code will be generated under the password input disk. The current password can be calculated by the computer software according to the SN code.

Hydraulic hammer is mainly suitable for high-grade pavement crushing (such as highway), municipal pavement crushing, low-rise building demolition, weathering stone crushing, low-grade hardness and small volume of ore secondary crushing normal working environment temperature -15-40 °C

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