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PBJ-7 rotor type spray machine
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PBJ-7 rotor type spray machine

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PBJ-7 rotor type spray machine

It is the newly developed semi-dry method for refractory materials in the metallurgical industry. The PBJ-7 rotor type jet washer is a "U-cavity type".


Its main features:

1. The rotor has more material cavities than the same model, so the production capacity is large, the discharge is uniform, continuous, the pulse is small, the operation dust is small, and the rebound rate is low.

2, wearing parts (especially the combination board) using special materials, high service life, and easy to replace.

3. The upper body adopts the open-end design (patented product), the wearing parts (sweeping ring, triangular plate) are easy to change, and the wearing parts of the wearing parts are intuitive.

4. The rotor adopts split type anti-adhesive rotor, which is mainly composed of lining plate, body and integral material cup. When the material cup is working, expansion and contraction occur continuously, so as to ensure that the rotor body is not sticky.

5. The discharge elbow adopts elastic anti-adhesive composite structure design. The elbow shell is iron structure and the inner part is elastic sleeve, so as to ensure that the elbow does not stick to the material when working, on the other hand, even if the inner liner is worn and broken, It will not spray sand and stone to hurt people.

6. The whole machine has simple structure and reliable performance.

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