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The company's purpose: to seize opportunities, forge ahead, technological innovation, and advance with the times.
The company's business objectives: to establish a modern enterprise system, with international advanced product technology as the goal, so that the company will become a mine metallurgical special equipment research and production base.
Nanjing Yidun Paike Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a metallurgical special engineering machinery research and manufacturing enterprise jointly established by Nanjing Eaton Mining and Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Eaton Mining and Metallurgical Equipment Research Center. Mainly engaged in metallurgy, mining special equipment development, technical consulting, metallurgical engineering technical services. The company's production and processing department has more than 20 processing equipments, which have formed the processing capacity of car, clamp, milling, planing, grinding, boring and cold work, with more than 60 employees. The company's technical research center has more than 30 employees. People, including 12 engineering and technical personnel, with 3 senior titles; 5 intermediate titles; 4 junior titles, is a high-quality research team, has been engaged in the development of metallurgical equipment for more than 10 years; has been developed The demolition furnace unpacking machine, the clearing tank (torpedo tank) machine, the converter drilling machine, and the converter hot spray replenishing vehicle (co-developed with Baosteel) have been well received by Baosteel Steelmaking Plant, and the users are located in major domestic steel enterprises such as Baosteel and Shougang. , Benxi Steel, Angang, Baotou Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, Tangshan Iron and Steel, Meigang, Nangang, Angang, Taiwan Zhonggang, Vietnam Hejingtai Plastic Steel Plant, etc.; Liu Jinming, the company's chief scientific researcher, is a senior engineer and a leader in Nanjing. The reserve personnel of the people, the CPPCC members of the Xiaguan District of Nanjing, the two invention patents, and the two utility patent winners won the third prize of the Guangzhou Military Region Science and Technology Progress Award of the People's Liberation Army, and won the Nanjing Mechanical and Electrical Industry in 2004. Group "Top Ten Innovative Individual" honorary title. In cooperation with Baosteel, it has been a domestically produced gas hammer for Baosteel No. 1 Steelmaking Co., Ltd. for more than ten years. It has hosted a 300-ton molten steel (hot metal) packaged dual-power and electric unpacking machine developed for Baosteel, a 300-ton converter demolition machine, and a 300-ton converter. Drilling machine, 300-ton torpedo tank clearing machine, 300-ton converter hot-jet repairing vehicle, among which drilling machine and converter hot-jet repairing vehicle have applied for patents, and many products have won high-tech products in Nanjing, filling the domestic blank. Received praise from users.
Since 2005, the company has been evaluated by the relevant departments of Baosteel Co., Ltd. and has become one of the foreign research institutes. And with Baosteel Co., Ltd. jointly developed a 150-ton electric furnace bridge type furnace dismantling machine, BSSF slag treatment high temperature, high viscosity cleaning slag machine. In 2006, BSSF slag cleaning machine has been successfully used to solve the key technical problems for Baosteel's slag treatment drum process, and it is being widely promoted. In November 2006, it was developed by Baosteel for RH crystal tube crawler type slag cleaning machine and spray blasting machine. The car has been successfully used. In 2009, it cooperated with Baosteel to study the converter steel-making skateboard replacement mechanical vehicle, which provided equipment guarantee for steelmaking to improve steel quality and reduce cost. In 2011, the automated test equipment for the development of logistics equipment for the PLA General Assembly was well received. In 2014, a remote remote control operating system was developed for the online demolition of Baosteel's electric furnace to ensure the safety of the operators. In 2014, the moving funnel for dock wheel remote control automatic dust removal was developed for Meisteel, which solved the pollution of powder barges. Enterprises will strive to become a research and production base for high-tech metallurgical special equipment and military equipment.

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